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Monday, March 03, 2008

Testing week

This week decides my school's fate for the next few years. No Child Left Behind consequences may take effect next year if we don't make AYP (don't ask me what that stands for, who can keep up with government alphabet soup?). Nobody has mentioned what those consequences will be other than more teacher training. Which is what the students that can't make proficiency really need -- staying home while teachers get lectured on how terrible we are.
Students that don't make proficiency will have to take remediation classes instead of electives. In order to accomodate this we've had the debate over the A/B roll over or 4 X 4 block schedules. With a faculty of 200 teachers the vote was 43 -- A/B, 41 -- 4 x 4. I could dropkick all the stupid teachers that didn't vote across the Rio Grande river right now. I've already posted the difference between the two schedules so I won't rehash that. With my electoral luck lately George W. Bush just might get elected to a third term of office. (I've noticed a few international bloggers checking out this site, and may not be aware of our increasingly meaningless Constitutional guidelines, the last thought above is hyperbole.)


Unknown said...

My friend, I admire what you must put up with from the parents and the administrators. I couldn't do it. You are to be commended!

1 plus twins said...

good luck with the testing and what it might mean for the next few years for you.

Unknown said...

Last year I emailed a WH correspondent, suggesting that during upcoming presser he ask Cheney would be W's running mate again in 2008. When W cites 22nd Amendment, questioner acts surprised, "Oh! You've ignored the rest of the Constitution, I just assumed you'd be running for a 3rd term!"

P M Prescott said...

Actually, there's no term limit for Vice-President.