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Friday, September 29, 2006

Pain -- pain and more pain

I’ve had a tooth ache since last night. Made it to lunch at school, but had to come home. No telling what shape my classroom will be when I get back.
Got into an emergency dentist who took x-rays, and set up an appointment on Monday for a root canal. I’ll have to take off at least the last half of the day on Monday, and depending on how I feel over the weekend maybe all day.
Had a nice talk with Ray the pharmacist picking up anti-biotic and pain killer the dentist prescribed. He asked about Mom and Dad, and Grinnygranny.
He’s had four front teeth replaced after a car accident with implants. I’ve been debating about getting an implant for a missing molar, or getting another bridge. He recommends the implant. Maybe I’ll look more into it.
Painkiller didn’t kick in until seven tonight. It’s still pretty sore, but doesn’t feel like I’m biting onto aluminum foil.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Bad Computer Day

My laptop crashed. I had to reinstall XP, and have lost everything that was on it. Nightmare time.
Gradebook wise I'm alright. I have plenty of backup on memory stick, but so much more is missing. All my templates for the rediculous lesson plans we have to turn in every week, three years of tests, and powerpoint presentations. I think some of that might be saved on my external hard drive.
Back to installing printer drivers, office and alot of other software.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Mission nearly accomplished

No Champaigne apples this year. They sold out in one week. What a bummer. We drove fifty miles up there and back for the best apples in the world and had to settle for Red Burgundy and Romes. Still last year there wasn't any cider and this year they were selling it at three gallons for ten bucks. We put two gallons in the freezer and will take one of them with us on our Christmas trip to Texas.

Son was served this week with a petition for Divorce. He says the State of Arizona will require child support payments. She'll be given full custody and he'll be able to have him for summers and every other Christmas. Right now that's the best he can do. He can't move to Tucson and get set up working at Mikey Dee's. He planning on taking classes at CNM ( used to be TVI) and getting auto mechanic training. Maybe when he has a trade he can move there and be able to spend more time with him. It would take too much money for too little chance of success for any better settlement.
I've told him that right now the only way he has to show his love for Ritchie is to send that check. What a sad thing to say, that our Country has decided men are only a walking wallet.

Grinnygranny has just about finished proofing my novel, we took some pictures up at Dixon's to send for the back cover, and now all I need do is write the acknowlegment, dedication, bio and back cover blurb. I'll e-mail it all off Monday, and wait for the proof to come back. It's unbelievable how many steps it takes to finally get a book in the stores. I've got an idea for the cover, but I'm not much of an artist. I hope my description will work with their graphics artists.
When taking pictures I asked Grinnygranny if I should dress up in a tunic and toga, get E's gladius Iberius and use that as my back cover picture. She doesn't think it's a good idea.

Grades are due Monday. This is the first time grades are to be posted on the computer instead of filling out bubble sheets. Like they say, "To err is human to really mess things up takes a computer." No telling how messed up this grading period is going to be. I'll find out as soon as I get through with this post.

Spent most of the day yesterday getting caught up on Premier week.
Grey's Anatomy may have had better ratings than CSI, but it was just more of the same angst over who is sleeping with whom. Getting kind of old.
CSI is still the best show on Network TV. CSI New York though not as good as the parent show comes close, but CSI Miami was so lame as to be laughable.
House still keeps you guessing about what the disease is and has some really witty writing.
Shark was an interesting take on a Law show. I've always like James Woods, and for him going from the wealthy defense lawyer to an ADA is a new twist.
Justice really shows how we have the best legal system that money can buy. Particularly with them using mock juries to try out their stategies. Damn, it would be fun to teach the Law class again.
Boston Legal may be getting absurd, but it is so funny. Denny Crane (William Shatner) in a closet with a Cupie doll that looks like his female partner (Candice Bergen) was really funny, but then she comes to him demanding to see it, then asks him if he has any idea how much it diminishes her. It was so poignant.
The real find of the new season for both Grinnygranny and me is Men in Trees. We weren't that sure about watching it because of Anne Heche being the main character. So far her only claim to fame had been Ellen Degeneris's gay partner and a so-so movie with Harrison Ford. It's not often a TV show makes you open your mouth and put your hand over it in suprise, but this one does it two or three times a show. I'm not sure how long they'll be able to keep it up, but it's been fun to watch so far.
Numbers kept you guessing and had an interesting story. We didn't watch Bones last year, Aunty Pesty and E liked it, and we caught up over the summer. It had a really complicated story line that kept you guessing, but was to a certain extent reminiscent of Silence of the Lambs.
Criminal Minds I remember watching, but by now the shows are blurring a bit.
Standoff has been interesting so far, but again it makes you wonder how long they can keep it up.
Grinnygranny enjoys Dancing with the Stars and Celebrity Duets. I could live without them, but not her so we watch, and they're not all that bad. The quality of dancing this year is way above last year, and it's actually entertaining.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Rubber Room Time

I’ve gone off the deep end.
By the time school is out (in May) the men in white coats will take me away. Ha ha hee hee ho ho.

It will be a miracle if Grinnygranny doesn’t divorce me.

Today I had my last prep period for the year. Tomorrow is an inservice (who would have thunk I’d actually look forward to one?) And Monday I pick up another class of Sophomore World History. That’s right I sold my prep. As if I really needed more on my plate right now!
Like they say no pain no gain. The 20% in extra pay will help, and when it’s factored into the retirement formula (only the high priest of retirement knows how to calculate it) should work out to quite a bit more stretched over the retirement years. I’ll try to keep my posts here on the mundane and informative side, but beware of Greek Shadow – that blog may really go to the dark side as I get stressed and irritable. Something tells me I’ll need the Shrieking tree a lot in the next few months.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Premier week

Why oh why did Premier week have to fall when I'm scrambling to get my novel in final form for publishing. Now before you get in a huff Grinnygranny, I know you are the one scrambling to proofread it for me, and I appreciate and love you for all your hard work.
Still the last few weeks were so nice not being a slave to the boob tube. Now we're watching three hours a night and taping two or three more to watch on the weekend.

Dixon's has a bumper crop of apples this year. Someone from Grinnygranny's work said he stood in line for two hours to get apples over the weekend. We are planning to get up there either Saturday or Sunday. I think we need to get there early. There is nothing better than Dixon's Champaigne apples, and their apple cider is to die for.

I posted another rant over at Captains Log, if anyone is interested.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Golfing again

E. had the day off, so we went golfing when I got home. Paired up with another father and son team, but were they ever slow. We started at 3:30pm and left after only doing six holes at 6:00pm.
There were two coyotes at one tee box. They were just laying there sleeping. After one guy teed off, one of the coyotes walked over and sniffed at the ball. We almost thought he’d have to fight him for it, but the coyote just walked away.
Coyotes are usually rather scruffy and scrawny on the mesa, these two are the fattest and sassiest I’ve ever seen.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Long Day

Woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 0500. Decided to start looking over my novel. Then had to take cars to get worked on, groceries, and a few other things. Grinnygranny started looking it over too. I have two weeks to get it ready for publication with a checklist of other things to do as well.

Friday, September 15, 2006

The Big Change

APS has filtered out blogger and I can't get the site up in the classroom. So I'm shutting the classroom blog down. I might have kept it going, but I was foolish enough to switch my Greek Shadow blog to the Beta, and it won't let me post on non-beta sites or non-beta sites post on it. And it won't let you revert back. Soooooooooo I'm turning this blog into the family and friends communication blog so we can stay connected.
I'll keep the Greek Shadow blog for my soapbox rants.