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Friday, September 29, 2006

Pain -- pain and more pain

I’ve had a tooth ache since last night. Made it to lunch at school, but had to come home. No telling what shape my classroom will be when I get back.
Got into an emergency dentist who took x-rays, and set up an appointment on Monday for a root canal. I’ll have to take off at least the last half of the day on Monday, and depending on how I feel over the weekend maybe all day.
Had a nice talk with Ray the pharmacist picking up anti-biotic and pain killer the dentist prescribed. He asked about Mom and Dad, and Grinnygranny.
He’s had four front teeth replaced after a car accident with implants. I’ve been debating about getting an implant for a missing molar, or getting another bridge. He recommends the implant. Maybe I’ll look more into it.
Painkiller didn’t kick in until seven tonight. It’s still pretty sore, but doesn’t feel like I’m biting onto aluminum foil.

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