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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Memorial Service


My mother passed away last September. With Covid raging my brother couldn't make it out here from Oklahoma. He contacted me a few weeks ago and said he and his wife could be here the end of the month. I set up a memorial service for next week and plans were set.

He called me last night. His daughter, fully vaccinated, has come down with the Delta variant, she's a teacher and was setting up her classroom. She came down with before students were present. Her husband, fully vaccinated, also came down with it. Right now he has his two grandsons in his basement and his wife in quarantine as she has a compromised immune system, fully vaccinated, but not taking a chance.

This leaves him alone to watch the grandchildren, see them off to school and when they get home. He's staying masked around them. The oldest is vaccinated, but the youngest is seven, he had a fever last year and tested positive, but the fever only lasted one day, so it was the older variant that didn't bother children as much or a false positive.

Obviously he can't come any time soon, maybe next year at this time unless there's a new variant to fuck things up again because of superstitious morons afraid of a needle.

Memorial service will go on as planned, but it would have been nice for my brother to be here too. It will be zoomed.

Monday, August 16, 2021

It was a fight

 It was a fight, but I'm back on my blog. Google has made it impossible to log in.