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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New blogger friend


Over the years quite of few of my blogger friends have faded away leaving me with precious few kindred spirits to read and post comments. Recently I came across a nice young lady who is living out loud so to speak on her blog and she has been a pleasure to read. Her blog is Defeating Dragons, read a few of her posts, leave a comment or two, she does have a strong following and add her to your reading list.Defeating Dragons

Friday, January 03, 2014

A Colonel's Suggestion.

Had a tooth pulled yesterday. It started hurting Tuesday night and I thought sinus pressure was responsible. Wednesday (New Year's Day) face was swollen making me look like a chipmunk on one side of my face. Went to the dentist and had to call Mom and Melissa to take me home. Damn getting old sucks!
When I was a junior in high school I had a tooth removed in the morning and missed my ROTC class. At lunch I went to the building and of course the Colonel wanted to know why I wasn't in class. When I told him he suggested I  go home. Naturally I went to my afternoon classes then track practice where I ran eight miles. I went back to the ROTC building where the Colonel then read me the riot act for not doing as he suggested. When I went home and told Dad how mad the guy got he said, "Full bird colonels don't give orders, they make suggestions and expect them to be obeyed." Wish I had the stamina now that I did then.