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Monday, February 05, 2018

Human Sacrifices

Blogger friend, Berthold Gambrell, wrote a review of Human Sacrifices. You can find it here.
I asked him as a quid pro quo for the review of his book The Directorate. He gave me some valuable insights. I wanted to get a fresh set of eyes on the story. I published it on Kindle in 2012 and it's due for a rewrite.
Most of the story gives my thoughts on the three things that should never be discussed at Thanksgiving and Christmas family dinners and parties: Sex, politics and religion.

When I was writing this story I posted each chapter on a different blog. I got feedback from a number of blogger friends. That when the blogger universe was much bigger than today. I came to a natural ending after Jan conquered her demon, but many of the writers wanted me to continue the story. I inserted an interview, but it doesn't fit. The woman in the story is based on a teacher that I knew. She was the assistant to Georgia O'Keefe before the artist died. The gal was looney tunes. I think now on the rewrite I'll delete that, maybe turn it into a separate story.

When I left off on HS, Obama was president and politically I thought things had stabilized. Now with the moral mafia having elected Trump there's a lot more I can add to it.

Ruined Chapel said that my female characters were "sex-crazed." That's a bad thing? Just kidding.

Since I wrote this I touched on marital rape, as that was in the news at the time. Since then much has come up about "rape culture" and recently with an Alabama candidate for the senate--pedophilia sanctioned supposedly by God. I'll expound upon that.

In today's world Sex, politics and religion have merged into a toxic brew. It is my desire to enlighten my readers to help them understand what's happening.