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Wednesday, July 07, 2021

WC 070721


I've been on a blogging vacation for a month, but I kept up with WC posts. I decided to contribute this time.

My best autobiography is the Autobiography of Malcolm X, As Told to Alex Haley.

This book had tremendous impact on me while I was in college. It affected lots of white, middle class Americans. It was a brazen window into the life of an African American and the troubles he faced, his conversion to the Black Muslims, becoming a spokesperson for them and after his Haj to Mecca the change in his faith, which caused his assassination.

Alex Haley did a masterful job of presenting his words and ideas in a relatable manner. 

The movie did not do it justice, but then they never do.

Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Blog Vacation

 I'm taking a vacation from blogging to focus on my writing, don't know when I'll be back.

Friday, June 04, 2021

Friday Five 060421


Today is a twofor. Life got in the way last week so I'm doing both weeks in one post.

Resource, food, extinct, address, tumor

Image, bar, express, redeem, privilege


Shanika put her return address on the letter she was writing home. Word came to her that the doctor found a tumor in Mom’s breast, and she was going to have a lumpectomy. They’d talked over the phone for over an hour last night, but she wanted to express her deepest thoughts, things that couldn’t be said over the phone. The mental image of losing her mom kept her crying all night.

Placing the letter in the out box in the dorm mail room she headed to the dining hall. The food was normally tasteless, but today it was like sawdust. Trying to get her mind off this she went to the library looking for resources for the term paper due in two weeks.

The term paper was on how different varieties in a species fail to adapt and go extinct and others adapt and survive. Looking through the biology books the librarian came to her, “Is there anything I can help you find?”

Normally she tells the kind lady she prefers to do research on her own, but today she needed it. “If you don’t mind?” she said.

With a smile, “It would be my pleasure, why I’m here.”

She told her, “I need to find information on the Saber Tooth Cats and modern cats.”

“Doctor Moser’s biology 101,” she nodded. Going over to a cart off to the side, "You’ll find everything you need right here, but they’re restricted to the library for the other classes.”

“Thanks, you’ve saved me a lot of time,” Shanika said.

Two hours of taking notes later she left for the snack bar in the SUB, she had a coupon to redeem that was in the last Traveler, the school’s newspaper.

Tuesday, June 01, 2021

WC 060221


Casca is the Roman soldier cursed by Christ in AD 32. He can't die. He goes through the centuries traveling all over the world as a mercenary. 

This is a series of books now numbering over 50. It would make a great TV series where every season could cover one book. History Channel or SciFi Channel would work. Might be good for CW or TNT.

It would take a young and upcoming actor to start w current young actor comes comes to mind. It would actually be best to have an unknown. Supporting cast would change from season to season as they'd be in different times and locations.

I don't think they'd make good movies over the long term. Think Conan movies. One or two and then they stop. A series would be better.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

WC 052621


My fantasy vacation

This is a package offered to teachers over summer vacation a few years ago. Not in my budget then, but I would still like to take it. Still not in my budget.

Fly from New York to Rome, spend two days in Rome, bus to Venice, Florence, Genoa and down to Naples, two days at each stop.

Get on cruise ship and sail to Syracuse then to Athens and a week visiting different Greek Islands. Fly back to NY from Athens.

2nd fantasy vacation. A month seeing the sights in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

3rd fantasy vacation visit the Louvre, Versailles, Fountaine Bleau.

Friday, May 21, 2021

Friday Five 052121


Publish, loss, dragon, result, pest

It was a long bus ride home. It was their first loss of the season. Karen expected it, but it still stung. They kept the game close and were only down five points with a minute to go in the game when Shanika fouled out and the result was Tennessee scored six points and put the game out of reach.

They beat UNM by ten points in the consolation game, but it was little comfort to know they were that close to the top ranked women's team in the country and fell short.

Shanika was in the back brooding. She fowled out on a bad call. It was a clear charge and the ref called her for blocking. She needed consoling.

Going back and sitting next to her she said, "You played two great games, why so glum?"

Shanika spat it out, "That ref called me for blocking three times and I established my position every time. We was robbed."

"That's the dragon you'll have to slay during every game," Coach said. "No ref ever decides who wins or loses. Bad calls are a part of the game and you have to find a way to win regardless."

"What should I have done differently?"

Sighing, "It's partly my fault. We've had so little real competition I haven't focused on avoiding fouls. On that last one you had a choice, gamble on getting a charging call or fouling out of the game. What was more important?"

"You mean I should have let her score?"

"Yes, it was only two points. The ref already called you twice why risk your last foul like that? You're no good out of the game. You were hitting three pointers and so was the rest of the team. We could have traded two pointers for threes and won the game."

She hung her head, Coach hugged her. "We went toe to toe with the best of the best and held our ground. Sometimes you learn more from a loss than a victory. Hold your head high and don't be ashamed of losing."

The rest of the team was gathered around so Coach Karen decided to do some teaching.

"You all know about the Flying Queens of the 1950's. They won a hundred and thirty one straight games, seventy-six of them under coach Harley Redin. Of everything published about those teams it's what Coach Redin said on the night of their first loss after that run. 

"Calling a time out shortly before the game was over and they were going to lose, he said, 'You held your heads high for four years with grace and dignity and you are to do the same after losing as you've done winning.'"

Going back to the front of the bus, Karen thought, now what do I have to do to get that pest of a ref fired?

My freshman year at Wayland was the last year the Harley Redin coached. He was a truly great man and coach.

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

WC 051921


Recent topics I've googled.

I'm currently writing the autobiography of Matthew Fontaine Maury. This is one of the five biographies I've purchased as well as the many sites I've googled on this man's life.

It's been an experience channeling this extraordinary man's life and writing about him in the first person. I cite Robert Grave's I Claudius and Margret George's The Autobiography of Henry VIII as the vehicle to make an historical figure come to life.

There is more to this man's life than the fact he sided with Virginia in the Civil War.