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Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Got in Texas and I was just about to get over a chest cold. Mom had a cold and by now we all have colds. None of us are getting much sleep at night. Living in the land of the miserable. Taking Mom to the doctor later today. She's been caughing so much her back has knotted up and she can't get comfortable.
Grinnygranny has taken Auntypesty to get her driver's liscence. To all drivers in this area --DUCK!

Went into Fort Worth yesterday and saw the exhibit on Hatshepsut. Stood in line to get tickets longer than it took to walk through it. It was half price Tuesday and busy busy busy. There was one statue of Hatshepsut when she was just the Queen, and is in the best condition of all of them. Walking around it made you feel like her eyes followed you. Kind of creepy. Auntypesty really enjoyed it.
Ritchie went outside with E while we were in line to get tickets and ran his head off. The weather was pleasant and he has been shut up in the car for two days driving and then Sunday and Monday it was rainy and windy. He has about twenty cars from Chritmas and is having the time of his life rolling them all over the floor and cabinets. The only problem is that we can't get him to stop feeding the dog. Sadie follows him around waiting for scraps which doesn't make it very easy.
Heading home tomorrow. First Monday starts tomorrow too, but I don't think we'll have time to walk around -- not much money to spend either.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

On the road

The snow storm on Tuesday and Wednesday delayed my books getting here by a day. We waited till Friday afternoon, and they finally got here. The we took off for Texas. Yesterday was a long day of driving and today other than attending Methodist Church in the morning and Catholic service (neice was playing an angel in the pageant) we've taken it rather easy. Actually I stayed here with Ritchie as he was running a fever and had the sniffles while everyone else went to the pageant. It looks like tomorrow will be a big day of opening gifts and eating alot of food.
I'm autographing and giving out copies of my novel as Christmas presents to all the family members. I've already had two people e-mail me wanting copies, and I set up a PO box for those wishing to buy an autographed copy. You can get the particulars by clicking on the Optimus link at the side. I'll get those out as soon as we get back from the trip.

Here's wishing one and all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Friday, December 15, 2006

How proud I am

It's real and it's here. I took it to school the last two days and have shown it off. If I had them I could have sold at least 20 copies. The librarian took down the information and is considering ordering a copy. A couple of English teachers said if they like it they might buy classroom sets. Hard to tell yet if they're just blowing smoke up my tailpipe. I've ordered 50 copies and they should arrive just before we leave for Texas. After I've used them for Christmas presents to all the family I don't know if I'll have any left over to sell.

Auntypesty has fussed at Grinnygranny and me ever since she's been ten years old whenever we call her our baby. We keep telling her that she's the youngest and will always be our baby. Then over at the Optimus blog I referred to the novel as "My Baby". Would you believe she took exception to that?

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Red Letter Day

Got home and waiting for me was a package with two copies of my novel. They are finally here. I'll have around 50 copies after the first of the year. That's as much as I can afford right now.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Finals coming up

Just one more week and the school year is half over. Doesn't the time go by in a blink? Except when you've sold your prep period and are teaching six classes a day instead of five! Still a couple of weeks off and time with family will help recharge my batteries.

Adding a new link to the political blogs -- jurassicpork -- he posts Paul Krugman editorials that NY Times have started making people pay to read. I have missed Krugman's wisdom for some time now, it will be nice to have a backdoor.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Been shopping

Went to get the permanent crown on my tooth, it didn't fit so I have to go back Thursday. Bummer.
Met Grinnygranny at Cottonwood. I decided my Christmas would be a new sports coat. I went to the Men's Warehouse met the salesman -- former student. He tried to sell me a nice blue coat for $170. Told him I check around and might be back. Went to all the dept stores in the mall. Dillards thought their coats were made out of gold or something. Found a nice coat at Sears and got in line to buy it when I look around and there's the former student from the Men's Warehouse right behind me. What could I say, the coat at Sears was just as good and a hundred bucks cheaper.
Grinnygranny decided her Christmas would be a new pair of boots. Found them at Penny's. Our Christmas is taken care of.
I went through my closet and took out all the jackets that no longer fit. Don't know if I should take them to Goodwill or if someone in Texas could use them. Maybe Dad or D.
Can't wait for the semester to end and getting on the road to Texas.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Captains log

Stardate 1201.0830

The Baker report is coming out, and Dubbya is already letting everyone know his mind is made up don't confuse it with facts. His security advisor's warning about the Shi'ite militia dominance and the upcoming bloodbath of Sunni's when they finally have total control of the government and the U.S. trained armed forces were totally ignored.
The only hope for our troops right now is for a bi-partisan Congress to insist that the Baker report be implimented or cut off all funds. That will be the only leverage effective enough to save American lives. In my opinion any member of congress, that includes Leiberman, who continues to support the Bush-Cheney madness needs to be replaced like all those other supporters who lost their jobs last month. It's time to stop making our gallant young men and women cannon fodder for delusional fools seeking glory and grandeur at their expense.

Bush doesn't want to admit it but the job is over. The Shi'ites have won. Al Sadr will become the leader of Iraq just like Khomeni did in Iran. The Kurds will create their own country, and all the president's horses and all the president's men will never be able to put Iraq together again. It may take years and the carnage will be terrible. The outcome is inevitable. If not Al Sadr, whoever the Shi'ite leader is at the time will emerge victorious. Sheer number of population and Iran's support will be too much for the land-locked Sunni triangle to survive. The Kurds won't help the Ba'athists who tried to wipe them out, and they are going to have enough problems with a disgruntled Turkey and Syria.
I do hope my cyrstal ball is wrong.