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Friday, December 15, 2006

How proud I am

It's real and it's here. I took it to school the last two days and have shown it off. If I had them I could have sold at least 20 copies. The librarian took down the information and is considering ordering a copy. A couple of English teachers said if they like it they might buy classroom sets. Hard to tell yet if they're just blowing smoke up my tailpipe. I've ordered 50 copies and they should arrive just before we leave for Texas. After I've used them for Christmas presents to all the family I don't know if I'll have any left over to sell.

Auntypesty has fussed at Grinnygranny and me ever since she's been ten years old whenever we call her our baby. We keep telling her that she's the youngest and will always be our baby. Then over at the Optimus blog I referred to the novel as "My Baby". Would you believe she took exception to that?


grandma1 said...

Yes. she complained to me about not being your baby any more. I'm so anxious to see your book. Be sure you bring all of them I will want to buy some of them too. Don't forget my care package. 505 green chili sauce, green chili bagels, and my red chili for the posole. You may need a truck to bring everything M wants. I don't know how you are going to get all of her stuff home.

JUST A MOM said...