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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Been shopping

Went to get the permanent crown on my tooth, it didn't fit so I have to go back Thursday. Bummer.
Met Grinnygranny at Cottonwood. I decided my Christmas would be a new sports coat. I went to the Men's Warehouse met the salesman -- former student. He tried to sell me a nice blue coat for $170. Told him I check around and might be back. Went to all the dept stores in the mall. Dillards thought their coats were made out of gold or something. Found a nice coat at Sears and got in line to buy it when I look around and there's the former student from the Men's Warehouse right behind me. What could I say, the coat at Sears was just as good and a hundred bucks cheaper.
Grinnygranny decided her Christmas would be a new pair of boots. Found them at Penny's. Our Christmas is taken care of.
I went through my closet and took out all the jackets that no longer fit. Don't know if I should take them to Goodwill or if someone in Texas could use them. Maybe Dad or D.
Can't wait for the semester to end and getting on the road to Texas.


1 plus twins said...

wow coats and boots so glad we don't need those here!! lol hope your warm!

grandma1 said...

Jackets are always welcome in Texas

JUST A MOM said...

Texas hey just keep comin this way and leave the coats on your way.