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Friday, December 01, 2006

Captains log

Stardate 1201.0830

The Baker report is coming out, and Dubbya is already letting everyone know his mind is made up don't confuse it with facts. His security advisor's warning about the Shi'ite militia dominance and the upcoming bloodbath of Sunni's when they finally have total control of the government and the U.S. trained armed forces were totally ignored.
The only hope for our troops right now is for a bi-partisan Congress to insist that the Baker report be implimented or cut off all funds. That will be the only leverage effective enough to save American lives. In my opinion any member of congress, that includes Leiberman, who continues to support the Bush-Cheney madness needs to be replaced like all those other supporters who lost their jobs last month. It's time to stop making our gallant young men and women cannon fodder for delusional fools seeking glory and grandeur at their expense.

Bush doesn't want to admit it but the job is over. The Shi'ites have won. Al Sadr will become the leader of Iraq just like Khomeni did in Iran. The Kurds will create their own country, and all the president's horses and all the president's men will never be able to put Iraq together again. It may take years and the carnage will be terrible. The outcome is inevitable. If not Al Sadr, whoever the Shi'ite leader is at the time will emerge victorious. Sheer number of population and Iran's support will be too much for the land-locked Sunni triangle to survive. The Kurds won't help the Ba'athists who tried to wipe them out, and they are going to have enough problems with a disgruntled Turkey and Syria.
I do hope my cyrstal ball is wrong.

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grandma1 said...

I couldn't believe and W was already on TV saying the same old thing. Don't bother me with facts my mind is made up.