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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Finals coming up

Just one more week and the school year is half over. Doesn't the time go by in a blink? Except when you've sold your prep period and are teaching six classes a day instead of five! Still a couple of weeks off and time with family will help recharge my batteries.

Adding a new link to the political blogs -- jurassicpork -- he posts Paul Krugman editorials that NY Times have started making people pay to read. I have missed Krugman's wisdom for some time now, it will be nice to have a backdoor.

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Kim said...

Oh Tig! Don't you know that I had the hardest time both games when the chargers played the broncos! It's always that way with my 2 fav teams but am REALLY glad SD is doing so well for a change!

Every time I see a Broncos score I think of you... hope all is well!