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Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Got in Texas and I was just about to get over a chest cold. Mom had a cold and by now we all have colds. None of us are getting much sleep at night. Living in the land of the miserable. Taking Mom to the doctor later today. She's been caughing so much her back has knotted up and she can't get comfortable.
Grinnygranny has taken Auntypesty to get her driver's liscence. To all drivers in this area --DUCK!

Went into Fort Worth yesterday and saw the exhibit on Hatshepsut. Stood in line to get tickets longer than it took to walk through it. It was half price Tuesday and busy busy busy. There was one statue of Hatshepsut when she was just the Queen, and is in the best condition of all of them. Walking around it made you feel like her eyes followed you. Kind of creepy. Auntypesty really enjoyed it.
Ritchie went outside with E while we were in line to get tickets and ran his head off. The weather was pleasant and he has been shut up in the car for two days driving and then Sunday and Monday it was rainy and windy. He has about twenty cars from Chritmas and is having the time of his life rolling them all over the floor and cabinets. The only problem is that we can't get him to stop feeding the dog. Sadie follows him around waiting for scraps which doesn't make it very easy.
Heading home tomorrow. First Monday starts tomorrow too, but I don't think we'll have time to walk around -- not much money to spend either.


1 plus twins said...

bless you bless you!! sounds like your family feels like ours. i hope your family and mine start feeling better soon. all of us just need a day to stay in jammies and do nothing all day. that would make me feel better. lol

Anonymous said...

Hope you made it home safe and sound. I still want a copy of that book!

1 plus twins said...

hope you have a safe and happy new years!

JUST A MOM said...

Have a happy new year, sell them books!!!!!