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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Rubber Room Time

I’ve gone off the deep end.
By the time school is out (in May) the men in white coats will take me away. Ha ha hee hee ho ho.

It will be a miracle if Grinnygranny doesn’t divorce me.

Today I had my last prep period for the year. Tomorrow is an inservice (who would have thunk I’d actually look forward to one?) And Monday I pick up another class of Sophomore World History. That’s right I sold my prep. As if I really needed more on my plate right now!
Like they say no pain no gain. The 20% in extra pay will help, and when it’s factored into the retirement formula (only the high priest of retirement knows how to calculate it) should work out to quite a bit more stretched over the retirement years. I’ll try to keep my posts here on the mundane and informative side, but beware of Greek Shadow – that blog may really go to the dark side as I get stressed and irritable. Something tells me I’ll need the Shrieking tree a lot in the next few months.


1 plus twins said...

oh my i will praying for you during the school year and your wife too. lol

JUST A MOM said...

you are crazy,, I am thinking no amount would be worth it!!! good luck.

Anonymous said...

It's finally working. Google has the beta a regular bloggers working form comments again.