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Sunday, June 06, 2010

It's HOT

Wife wanted to golf yesterday we were going to walk the executive nine. She made it three holes and rode back with the girl that goes out and sells drinks. I hit the next three holes to where the sixth green is next to the first green then walked the first fairway back to the club house. It hit 100 degrees by nine in the morning. I thought it wouldn't get that hot until around five in the evening. The rest of the day we kept the ac on high and watched the French Open Women's final in the bedroom where it's cooler than the living room and drank lots of Gatoraide.

Talked to the attorney I worked with in April. He has another case and will need some help, this one should take some time. He'll let me know later this week if its a go.

Bought some plastic hanging pots to hang tomatoes upside down at Wally World. They were only four bucks each and came with soil and seed. I didn't feel like working with seed so I also bought some plants. Got them hanging off the back porch yesterday. When they grow out it should provide some shade on the patio, being on the south side it gets too hot in the evening to enjoy sitting around the glass table. I also bought one for strawberries, but haven't found any strawberrry plants to put in it yet.

Sprayed grass and weed killer on the driveway cracks and rocks in the front yard. I know it's a losing battle it seems like the grass weeds treat this stuff more like fertilizer than killer anymore.

I need to prune down my rose bushes now that the initial flowering has passed. The apricot tree is loaded this year. In about a month it will be quite a race between me and the birds to pick them off. I'm the only one in the family that like apricots so I may have to make juice out of most of them.

I like sleeping late but it's better to get up early and take a nap in the afternoons while it's so hot. I can get lots done this way.


Unknown said...

You sound productive!

P M Prescott said...

Busy anyway.