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Monday, June 21, 2010

A Little Drama

Saturday night daughter's bf got his car stuck in the sand on the mesa behind our house. Mom came over with a roast for dinner just about the time bf came by with a friend and truck to get him out. The truck got stuck. His friend had to call a tow truck. Bf's parents came home from a trip to bring by their truck with a winch to get him out.

We watched the US Open Saturday and Sunday. After watching it almost all day Sat wife wanted to go golf. We got up early and did nine holes before it got too hot. Got home in time for the car drama and then watch Tiger melt down. Kind of hard to repeat the great round he had the day before.

Today is wife's last day at work for two weeks. She's now on vacation. I hope that means more golfing together as we're not going out of town.

Anne Littlewolf called. She sold a painting in Old Town this month. She's ecstatic. I went down to the cafe last week and bought a pound of Strawberry Cream tea. It's expensive as hell, but tastes like heaven. They're thinking of coming down here for either the state fair or balloon fiesta. Watch out when the twins get together.

Curmudgeons are getting together for an Isotopes game this Sunday evening. A few other friends and wives will be joining us too. Going to be a good time.


One Fly said...

Life seems good PM.

P M Prescott said...

Yes it is, Russ. Hope yours is going good too.