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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Book Publisher's killing me

By the way folks that's meant as hyperbole.

Publish America is trying to squeeze it's authors right now. They're shifting to all hard bound. The price has stayed the same, but $21.95 is just too much for a book like this.
Today they made us an offer to keep the book in paperback, but you have to buy 19 copies in only a two day window. The books will list at $9.95, but I can't cough up that kind of money after I just bought 25 copies a little over a month ago.
They've got me and I think a good number of their authors over a barrel right now.
I want to keep selling the book and right now I'm starting to get into venues where I can, but they keep jerking me around on obtaining copies and prices.


Unknown said...

PM: Yes, I can acknowledge with a nod to everything you have said here. This is a serious business.

My friends who have been major authors cannot make a living writing books alone (as big as some of them are) and must supplement their income. Publishers hold back on promoting a book. This is but another example of how we've gone from neurosis to psychosis in our society.

I see a definite parallel between what has happened to the publishing world, to the deregulated broadcasting, and even the recording industry. Neither musical artists nor book authors can attain decent representation. It is a business to be sure. And it mirrors the ever-imploding commercial aviation industry. I believe you when you say you are being jerked around. I agree. This is a sad state of affairs!

P M Prescott said...

Michael I get tunnel vision on some things, yes this economy is affecting everyone. The exploding e-book market and internet marketing are shuffling the deck on everyone. No telling when the dust will settle.