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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Random thoughts

  • Watched the epic marathon tennis match between Mahut and Isner. Methinks this will change the rules to allow for a tie breaker in the fifth set. This was just unreal. Everyone is saying that this will never happen again, and with a tie breaker in the fifth set it won't.
  • Nice to see the Queen show up again at Wimbeldon.
  • Did everyone hear a loud sigh of disgust yesterday? Obama has replaced flip-flopped on generals. The neocons sighed in disgust because they couldn't throw their usual shit fit about Obama being soft on terror (this yo-yo was Bushco's number 1). Anyone who is tired of this neverending war sighed in disgust because this isn't what we voted for.
  • Took son and daughter to the golf course and we hit a bucket of balls. I wanted to chip and putt, but Notah Begay's Jr. camp was setting up. If eldest grandson was down here it would be nice to have him signed up for that.

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