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Sunday, June 13, 2010


Had a rather windy golf tournament yesterday. Still good exercise and didn't overheat like the last few times I've played. In the evening wife and I down to Bosque Farms for a barbeque. Attorney friend has a new toy he just loves playing with: a smoker. We had brisket, chicken, hot links, and ribs smoked over apple wood. We left stuffed.
When I got home and made the mistake of checking e-mails the speaker for this Monday nights Writer's 2 Writers meeting canceled. At this short notice I doubt if I can find a replacement, so when in doubt punt. I'm going to be the speaker. Another speaker canceled on me this week for the August meeting and I was working on a topic in case I couldn't find a replacement. Guess I'll be spending most of Monday whipping it into shape and pray that all those wanting to hear the other speaker aren't disappointed or since I sent the mass e-mails out letting everyone know of the change that no one shows up.
I've decided the topic will be: Fact Checking it's just as important for fiction as non-fiction.

Good friend Michael Manning, would you be interested in a quick trip over here August 9th? I could sure use a good speaker...


Unknown said...

PM: I am very Honored you would consider me. Let me get back to you. Very humbled! :)

P M Prescott said...

Michael,I'm honored you'd consider it.