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Monday, May 31, 2010

Another Day for Memories

  • Yesterday we went to church, picked up a pizza on the way home and had family dinner. Daughter came by with her boyfriend so that made a total of nine. Sadly that's too many for our small table which makes us have to eat in the living room and even then it's a little crowded. We had a nice meal of lasagna, pizza, garlic toast, jello with mandarin oranges and lemon bunt cake w/ice cream.
  • Afterwards Mom took all the women with her to do some shopping leaving the kids with son and me.
  • We discussed going up to Santa Fe to visit Dad's grave or visiting Linda's father's grave here in town, but they both decided they would rather cherish their memories from pictures instead of a grave stone.
  • Heading out to do some more shopping.

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Unknown said...

I understand both thoughts, PM.