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Friday, January 11, 2008

Dreading Monday

Ever have an everything happens day? Monday is going to be that day for me and it's my own damn fault.
At the last faculty meeting when we were discussing the new schedule the State is forcing on all schools there were four options. One of the options is the 4X4 block schedule which I taught under at another school, the other options are for a 7 period day with teachers teaching six classes. The State Education dept has mandated that there be remediation available for student who fail classes without them having to take night school or summer school. This can't be done on a six period schedule. And I was the idiot that volunteered (pod people must have invaded my body and forced my hand up into the air) to speak on behalf of the 4X4 schedule at the IC (instructional council) meeting Monday after school.
Then one of our sports team is getting the profits from the Golden Corral Restraunt Monday evening, so of course we'll go and have dinner to help them out,
And after dinner I have to go to Hastings for the Writer's to Writer's Seminar which will last till 8;30.
Sometime that day I'll need to breathe, but I don't know when I'll fit it in.


Unknown said...

You may have to let one of them go for your wellbeing. I cannot fathom teaching 6 classes a day!

P M Prescott said...

I won't do it (the luxury of being able to retire)
My main point is that a six period day violates state law and the negotiated agreement which caps the number of student a teacher can face per day at 160. Six periods of 30 students is 180.