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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

And It Begins

Testing today. This is the fun part of the year where there is no continuity in our instruction because of all the testing. Will have regular classes the rest of this week. I would like to say more, but the Testing Gestapo would come at 3 in the morning and I'd never be heard from again.

Had a nice round of golf yesterday, only got in 15 holes before it got too dark and cold (started at 12:30) because every idiot hacker that needs five minutes to find every ball he or she hits was in front of me. Weather was pretty nice and I got in good exercise. Pleasant couple I was paired up with made the ten minutes between finishing a green and being able to tee off on the next hole bearable.


Unknown said...

p m: As my Pastor is fond of reminding me, Golf and Life have this in common: balance and follow-through! ;)

1 plus twins said...

ok i am no golfer but my hubby is and it has never taken him that long to get in 18 holes! that would have driven him crazy. what kind of testing is going on this time of year? are you allowed to tell us that much?

P M Prescott said...

Ever since 1986 all sophomores must pass a competency test or they don't get a diploma. They have up to five years after their senior year to pass all parts of the test, but if they haven't passed it by graduation they get a certificate of attendance instead of a diploma.
Freshmen will also be tested, and Juniors are tested as well. Seniors have the ACT or SAT tests to take.