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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Surviving the week

Made it through Monday, the rest of the week was rather uneventful. Looking forward to having Monday off, and right now it looks like the weather should be good -- sunshiny and high of 49 that should make for a splendid day of golf. Thought about going out for a round today, but am rather tired so after getting grocieries this morning and doing a few things around the house we're just taking it easy. Auntypesty has had a cold all week and only worked one day. Trying not to catch it so as not to spoil a perfectly good holiday. Here's another Anne Littlewolf, I do take pity on her, she e-mailed me today and said it's been 37 below 0 for three straight nights and they piled over ten feet of snow on both sides of their driveway as well as having to shovel it off the roof of the house.
Reminds me of living in Pueblo, Co when I was nine and Penni was born. Hard to imagine that last Wednesday she turned 45. It was either 20 or 30 below for that whole week, and we still had to trudge across half a mile of prairie through three feet of snow in galoshes and heavy coats to make it to school. All I have to do is remember that and I really appreciate Albuquerque.


1 plus twins said...

boy and i thought winters in ohio were bad, we never had to shovel snow off the roof!! that is crazy. memories of ohio's winter and stories like yours here just make me more certain we made the right choice moving to az 2 yrs ago. now remind me of that in the middle of the summer. lol

have a great day off tomorrow and think of all us that still have to work!! boo hoo

grandma1 said...

It was 20 below and if you had walked on sidewalks and streets you wouldn't have been on empty house lots. I thought you were going to e-mail me some pictures you took at Thanksgiving.

It has been cold here also. Today it is misting rain. The tv shows rain for us goday.

Unknown said...

Sounds like "1 plus twins" and I both recall Ohio winters. It was 19 on Sunday there. Glad I'm in Arizona. I'll play it by ear and see what I'll do next year: stay or try another place?