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Monday, January 14, 2008

Surviving the day

Last class of the day has departed. I'm on my prep period waiting for the end of the school day and then comes the dreaded IC meeting.

Checking my e-mail Anne Littlewolf sent me some pictures of her latest projects.

This is a drum head that was commissioned. She had to paint on leather, which isn't like canvass where if you make a mistake you clean it up and start over. This had to be perfect the first time as there's no second chance.

This picture is still a work in progress which is why the wolves aren't fully detailed, kind of nice to see how thing progress.

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1 plus twins said...

wow those are amazing!! man i wish i had a job like you that i could blog at work. lol plus you had two weeks off and the summer too. man you have a kick back easy job!!! lol