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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Painting

Anne sent me a picture of the painting she just finished.

She's named it Elk Song.


1 plus twins said...

beautiful. thanks for the info on the testing. they have something like that out here too for the freshman and sophmores and juniors and seniors take the act and sat too. i just don't know when they take all that. i still have a few years before i have to worry about that. i haven't heard anything about everyones health. is everyone ok??

P M Prescott said...

Right now everything is in a holding pattern. To a certain extend no news is good news.

Unknown said...

p m: This is filled with wonder and imagination for the viewer. I loved it!

1 plus twins said...

your right no news is good news so i am very happy for you all that things are holding their own and i will continue to pray that we all hear no news!!