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Sunday, September 29, 2019

Great Writer: Tom Clancy

 I read many of Tom Clancy's books from Hunt for Red October on, but there's one I really liked. It's not been made into a movie, and I don't know why. My favorite of all is Without Remorse.
The time period is when Jack Ryan is a child. His father is a cop in Baltimore and is trying to track down a killer. The Killer's name is John Kelly.
John Kelly's wife is killed by a drunk driver and he's grieving. He befriends a young woman who is running for her life from drug dealers. Being ex-special forces he assures her she'll be safe. He's ambushed and beaten badly, the woman is brutally killed.
When he recovers he tracks down the gang leaders. The means and methods of gathering intel and taking out the gang from the street up is captivating. I've thought it is better than any of Liam Neeson's Taken movies or the Death Wish stuff.
John Kelly becomes the mysterious CIA operative, Mr. Clark, in the subsequent Jack Ryan stories.

My fear if Hollywood came knocking for this book is that they would take only the title and names of the characters and nothing else. Hunt For Red October was the only movie which stayed close to the book. Patriot Games followed the book loosely and the others didn't bother following them at all.

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