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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Anne and Engelbert

When Anne wrote about how she grabbed the guy who owned Sassy by the shirt and told him to let her have him. I'm sure he was wondering where the buzz saw wearing a skirt came from. Which reminded me of what happened many many moons ago while we were in college together.

Wayland Baptist College (now University) is located in Plainview, Tx between Amarillo and Lubbock. The late Grady Nutt of Hee Haw fame attended there for one year and in his comedy routine said it's a, "typical Baptist college 40 miles from the nearest known sin."
The school usually has between 1500 to 2000 students every year which is smaller than most of Albuquerque's high schools. There are no secrets on campus. At that time there was a SUB with a recreaction room for ping pong, billiards and two tv rooms with some couches and chairs.
Anne was peacefully sitting one afternoon by herself in one of the tv rooms crocheting and watching an Engelbert Humperdink special when as she puts it, "Three boys ran in and changed the channel to a football game!"
Those boys didn't know who clobbered them, but in the dorm later that evening one of them said it was, "Like getting hit by a buzz saw." They learned a lesson about getting between Anne and Engelbert.


Unknown said...

I like her spirit! :)

P M Prescott said...

Michael, she has plenty of it.