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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Back to work

Started another case as a legal assistant. This one has a lot less paperwork and with the new database software it's going to be a lot less like grading papers.

Yesterday Mom called just as I finished the first nine on the golf course. She was in a rear ender and the lady who hit her was screaming like a banshee. I cut short my game and went over to check on her. She got to her house the same time I did so we went out for lunch and I took her to the hospital for an infusion. She was planning on doing it herself, but with the little fender bender she was rather frazzled. She'll need a number of massages to handle the whip lash, but other than that she's okay. There was minimal damage to the bumper of her car and it's doubtful that the lady that hit her has insurance or that they'd pay to fix it. It'll also cost less than her deductable.


Unknown said...

PM: This happened a year or so ago to my Mom. She was okay, got out of the car to exchange insurane information. But the lady who hit her at a red light burned rubber and fled. My mom was upset. I had the task of explaining to her that this is the new millenium and people can be crooked. Her VW was repaied and she was happy! Prayers flowing to your Mom for a speedy healing. Whip lashes are no fun!

P M Prescott said...

Nice of you to share your Mom's experience, Michael. Driver's today don't think they have to be responsible for their actions.