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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


It seems a criminal case doesn't have near the paper work that a civil case does and I have a few days off waiting for more discovery to arrive. I got to play nine holes yesterday and had a nice w2w meeting in the evening.

Stayed inside today, getting nearly up to 100, best to stay cool.

I've been watching the History Channel's series on the Revolution. I can't believe what they left out. I realize they couldn't put everything in, but still they could have mentioned the when William Prescott was on Breed's hill, Isaiah Putnam was dug in on Bunker Hill and that Prescott repeatedly requested Putman join him or send him more powder and shot which he never sent. The loss of American lives would have been much less if "Old Put" hadn't been such a coward.


Unknown said...

I see you entering Law School PM. You have the passion!

P M Prescott said...

No, I'll leave that to the Young Turks, Michael. Twenty or thirty years ago I thought about it, but family had to come first.