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Saturday, July 24, 2010


Spent most of the day Thursday in the emergency room with Mom. She was feeling dizzy and her tongue was numb. She's had TIA's (mini strokes) and nine years ago had a heart valve replaced, so I took her to urgent care, they couldn't do anything so we went to the emergency room at the hospital for a CT scan. Bloodwork and CT and X-rays didn't show anything, but the doctor wanted to admit her for the night. We got to the emergency room at 9am and she wasn't in her room until after 7pm. They are slow as molasses in January in that ER.
We thought they'd release her in the morning. I needed to go in to work on the case so daughter went to be with her. The heart doctor they brought in found a blood clot in one of her lungs. She was fighting with them about her medications and I think they needed to keep her still for the blood thinners to work so they sedated her. She called late evening and we talked. She called me this morning and didn't remember that we'd talked last night. I'm leaving in a few minutes to check on her.
Wife e-mailed her condition on the convention prayer list and we appreciate the concern and prayers offered on Mom's behalf.


Anonymous said...

Hey Alex here i heard what happened and i will pray for her safe and speedy recovery God Bless

P M Prescott said...

Thanks, she'll appreciate it.

Unknown said...

Bless her heart. She is fortunate to have you as a son, PM!

P M Prescott said...

Again, Michael, thanks for your kind words and thoughts.