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Monday, September 07, 2009

Work weekend

Grinnygranny had Friday off and with today off as well we decided to do something we've put off for fifteen years. When we bought our house it came with the most gawdawful brown patterned wall paper in the foyer and hallway. Friday Grinnygranny, Auntypesty and C pulled it all off, not an easy job. Saturday we painted the walls with primer. Yesterday Grinnygranny rested, E & C went to the wine tasting in Bernalillo, Autypesty went to church and I golfed with my buddies. Today we're applying light blue paint to the walls and painting all the doorways white. It's quite a job, but it looks so much lighter and brighter than before.
I hope others are having a pleasant labor day. Our staycation is turning into quite a bit of work.

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