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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Olympic thought

I was looking at the medal count as listed by Yahoo today. It showed the U. S. at 79 total medals, China as 76 and Russia at 42.
The thought that came to mind was that during the cold war it was always U.S. and Soviet Union leading the medal count. What happened to Russia?

Then I looked further down the list: Ukraine -- 17, Belarus -- 11, Kazakhstan -- 8, etc

If all the countries that were apart of the old Soviet Union are added together it comes out at a whopping total of 104.

 I guess as for the olympics it's a good thing those countries aren't all together anymore. Just a thought.


Unknown said...

That's true. But as we saw with Putin he'd like nothing more than to reassert control and re-unite. It will never happen. That's just my view. But we have a nice medal count!

P M Prescott said...

Uncle Ivan will never truly let its former republics and satellites become too independent. East Germany is lost, possibly Poland, but the others have either disintegrated like Yugoslavia and Czechoslavakia or still live in fear of a Russian Big Brother.