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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Vacation over

Tomorrow it's back to the classroom, getting it ready anyway, the students don't report until the 12th. Grinnygranny and I went up to Paako Ridge to golf again. We only did 14 holes before a thunder storm came by, but we were ready to head in anyway. That is one tough course. It's beautiful, but those greens are surrounded by deep bunkers and have the ridges and size of them make for some high putting numbers. I'll be back there Saturday in a tournament, but it will be a four man scramble which makes it a little easier. I just hope I get paired with some guys that are better than me.
Right after I posted about seeing Fireproof I turned on the satelite and right there on Stars was Facing The Giants. I set the DVR to record it and we just watched it. Really good movie, if your into football movies.
Need to get some sleep and head off to in-service meetings in the morning.

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