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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Early Birthday

It's still a few days until my birthday, but Mom took all of us out to dinner today. I chose a little Thai restaurant in the strip mall near where Mom lives. The food was plentiful and very good. While there Mom got a call from Penni. She's been in a hospice care center, but is expecting to go home tomorrow. To all of my readers if you haven't signed the guestbook at her caringbridge site please do so. It helps make her day when she receives loving messages.
On some good news my niece (Bruce's daughter) is expecting, Mom didn't say when she's due, but it's about time Bruce became a grandfather. I've got five years up on him in that department.
E gave me a miniature golf bag with a letter opener and pen & pencil set that look like clubs. It's nice.

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