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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Enjoyable weekend

Went to the Minister's and Family retreat this weekend through Grinnygranny's work. The main speaker was Michael Catt, who is the pastor of the church that made the movie Facing The Giants. He showed his latest picture Fireproof that's not released yet (he passed out a promotion package to all the preachers for them to promote it. I haven't seen Facing the Giants yet so I can't comment on it. Fireproof, was amazingly good. It's about a couple that's been married seven years and decide to get divorced. Kirk Cameron plays the fireman husband that at the direction of his father tries to save the marriage. He's given a Love Dare book where he has to do one loving thing every day for forty days. The Love Dare book is scheduled to be released in book stores as a companion to the movie. The argument that ends with their decision to get a divorce is extremely realistic and intense and the wife's reaction to the daily love dare is humorous. There are some very intense fire rescue scenes, good advice from family and friends and bad advice. If this movie is promoted and distributed through churches it should do a lot of good. I'm not sure how well it would be accepted in regular distribution, but it was well worth watching. Now I'll have to find a copy of Facing the Giants.
The hotel we stayed at was another story. With nearly 500 in attendance three working elevators for 17 floors were not enough. On the last day one of the elevators got stuck fully loaded and it took an hour to get them out. You had to pay in order to have wireless internet in the room, no complimentary breakfast, and the ice machine was always empty.
The hotel that the convention used three years ago is under renovation and when they have the next retreat three years from now they'll most likely go back to the other one. I always thought this was one of the finest hotels in the city, but I'm not impressed right now.

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