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Friday, February 01, 2008

Fish or cut bait

It's finally come time to choose who to vote for on Tuesday.
This does seem to be the deciding day. I really wanted to vote for Richardson, but he faded to quickly, I admire his stance right now on letting his followers decide on their own who to vote for instead of endorsing one of the other candidates.
I really wish Edwards had been the nominee in 2004 instead of Kerry. He would have stood a much better chance of winning, then, but now he's just remembered as being on the losing ticket.
I've tried to keep an open mind concerning Hillary and Barak. I'm on record as having my doubts concerning Hillary, and that post just a little over a year ago had a well known magazine asking to post a condensed version of it in their Letters section, which I reluctantly agreed to allow them to print. (My book was just coming into print, and if the religious bookstores connected me with that magazine it would have been trouble -- the bookstores aren't interested in my book as there's not enough profit margin for them)
I agreed with Ariana Huffington that Hillary's votes on getting us into Iraq didn't make her the best candidate, and I have fervently hoped a better alternative would catch the attention of Democrats, but it hasn't happened.
I liked Barak being intelligent enough to know going into Iraq was a mistake, but it's easy to make statements like that when you're not in the frying pan of the Senate at the time. The "I told you so," position sounds better when your own neck is on the line. There is much I admire in him, and I was leaning towards him until the last two debates and the State of the Union address. I have no problem with the two of them squabbling about who sold out to big money? that's politics as usual. It's the "poor picked on me" response he's given since then. Playing the victim card. When you get into the boxing ring of Presidential politics you shouldn't be surprised if you get a bloody nose. That little repartee with Hillary, and potential First Laddie, Bill, making some disparaging remarks are love taps compared to what the Republicans have lined up in their bag of dirty tricks. When he turned away from Hillary Monday night that settled the matter in my mind. He won't stand up to the heat as front runner. Not to say he won't make a good candidate or might be a good President, but not right now.

My breadown why I'm voting for Hillary -- reluctantly up to now, but from this point on with full support.

  • She's felt the blast of the Republican open hearth furnace for nearly twenty years and is still standing. Gore melted, Kerry melted, could anyone else face the viscious attacks to come and still have a chance to win? I don't think so.
  • She's a shrewd politician. All of her votes in the Senate have been calculated for this election. She knew she only had one window of opportunity to grab the brass ring, and she's poised to take it.
  • Everyone agrees Bush is leaving one hell of a mess. Constitutionally, economically, militarily, diplomatically. Who better to work with Nancy Pelosi (Speaker of the House) in getting the work done. She won't be going into Washington and spendiing the first two years learning the ropes. She can hit the ground running, and that will be exactly what is needed.
  • She is electable. If it comes down to namebrand in the minds of voters Clinton trumps McCain or Romney.

Do I agree with her on every issue -- no, that's why I liked Kucinich first, then Richarson, then Edwards, but they're no longer options.

What would make, to me, a winning ticket.

Clinton/Obama -- the dream ticket. Reagan picked Bush even after DaddyBush called his Trickle down theory "Voodoo Economics" so it can be done. I think all Democrats would like to see, when the nomination is decided, the two kiss and make-up. Hillary will most likely offer, but it's to be seen if Barak is capable of playing second fiddle. In this scenario the real dream ticket would also see Bill Richarson as Secretary of State, and John Edwards as Attorney General. If you're going to clean up the diplomatic and judicial messes we're in right now those are the guys to do it.

Clinton/Richardson -- second choice. Not a bad ticket, but not as unifying. It could alienate black voters, but bring in more Hispanic voters.

I've read lots of bloggers fussing about the role of Bill Clinton, that he'll be the one really President, blah blah blah. Sorry I'm married and that makes me about as expert on women as any man can possibly be, and I know what Hillary will do when she's elected President. She'll hand Bill a list of Honey-do jobs.

Honey see about cleaning up the lawn of the White house, those roses in the rose garden need more fertilizer.

Honey run down to Bed Bath and Beyond and get new linens for the Lincoln Bedroom.

Honey go make a bunch of speeches supporting my policies and keep bringing in the big bucks.

Honey why don't you start a fundraiser for my Presidential library?

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