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Monday, February 25, 2008

A Normal Week

Starting to feel human again after a fairly quiet weekend.
Starting to try and find Mom an apartment close by for her to move in either April or May. She's going to fly E and S (he's been out there, but flew back here Sunday) out there so they can drive her with her car and a U-Haul. Things are changing rather fast on this. Her last post on her blog leaves little doubt of her decision.
E, girlfriend and her two-year-old are moving out (hopefully) in a couple of weeks. They're sharing a two bedroom apt with girlfriend's brother and sister which makes the rent manageable. It'll give her child more playground room as it's been too cold here for him to get outside much, dogs and cat might miss the attention he give them, then again maybe not.
I have one more normal week of teaching. Next week starts testing -- testing in mornings, regular classes in afternoon. We're voting on the schedule change today -- they did put the 4X4 schedule on the ballot, I guess I wasn't the only one to complain. No way to know how the vote will turn out. My guess is we'll do a modified schedule change of this years schedule (adding a 30 minute remediation or study hall period) to the school day and then wait to see which way the district will jump the following year. I can live with that, the AB schedule could make me dive off the deep end.
Watched the Oscars last night. Pretty lame, the Stewart guy they had MC'ing has the world's worst delivery on jokes. They all fell flat. When they were showing the clips for Best Picture and they showed the one for No Country For Old Men my eyes popped out. It was a car's view of driving east on Central Avenue towards the old First National Bankbuilding at San Mateo here in Albuquerque. I had to rewind the DVR and show Grinnygranny. "Look Central and San Mateo!" She almost dropped her plastic canvas that she works on while watching TV. The news made quite a to-do about the movie being filmed in New Mexico and getting Best Picture.
It's still kind of new being able to watch a movie and it's not just a picture of a street or mountain or diner or whatever like it is when it's filmed somewhere else, but now that they're filming here it's the recognition factor that catches your attention.
It'll be interesting when the movie Hamlet 2 hits the big screen which they filmed last fall on the campus of my school and how they make it look. The money they poured into the school has sure made a difference this year for the students. New communal furnature, banners in the main building, trophy cases, repainted the walls (school colors are red, white and blue -- they painted the walls grey and blue -- Dallas Cowboys colors) It's really looked nice and that has cut down on the vandalism and graffiti. Starting to get a semblance of school pride. Amazing how little things like this make a difference.

Then last week APS decided to paint the outside of the campus a dark greyish green. It looks awful. Grinnygranny drove by and really fussed (she's a graduate). Bad enough for 30 years it's been concrete grey giving it an institutional prison look (no outside windows to keep vandalism and sand damage down) now it's just plain hideous. I hope the people living across the street complain to the school board and make them paint it something else.
Enough griping. Hope everyone else is having a nice day and week.

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1 plus twins said...

oh man i had to turn the channel cuz that guy mcing was horrible. i usually love those things but not this year. just plain bad. it is neat when you watch something on tv or movies and you recognize the backround. i will have to watch hamlet 2 so i can see where you teach.