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Monday, February 11, 2008


Mom was scheduled to have surgery Thursday and I got all my ducks in a row to take emergency leave so I could go out there. She called Friday and said the doctor couldn't fit her in until Monday so today I cancelled my leave for this week and set it up for next week. She called this afternoon and the doctor has it back on for Thursday. Grrrr
I won't have to take her to get blood work on Wednesday as she's done that today, so I only need to be out there Thursday, Friday and come back on Saturday. One less day of sick leave used, but I hate having cancelled a sub and then having to turn around and request another one for basically the same days. APS doesn't have lots of subs and I could wind up without one. The upside is that I'll be back home for President's day and will be able to get out on the golf course (knock on wood that the weather will be good)
I purposely waited to make travel arraingements until it was definitive, which was a good thing.


1 plus twins said...

man i hate when doctors do that crap! i will pray for her and your safe trip and of course nice weather and a good round of golf. lol

P M Prescott said...

There's no prayer that works on my golf game, believe me I've tried, but I guess God has more pressing problems. It was an inconvenience for me, but getting the surgery done four days earlier is a blessing for Mom.

1 plus twins said...

well i hope all went well!!