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Saturday, February 09, 2008


Right now Mom's surgery is scheduled for the 18th which is President's day. I'll only have to use two days of sick leave instead of three that we were planning. In the meantime she is in a great deal of pain, but still able to take care of herself. She just can't drive while on that much pain medication.
Today is the last day of the Albuquerque Museum's exhibit on Egypt. We had planned on going to see it during Christmas break, but never got around to it, so we're planning on going today. Auntypesty is on call for work so we may go early today or later. Weather wise it's finally warming up.
Still no final count on the Caucus. A bunch of people are wondering why all the other 20+ states had their counts done by Wed. and we have just started the provisional ballot count. -- maybe, just maybe it's the provisional ballots, which other states don't have (as far as I know) that is the problem.
If you scroll down to the bottom of this blog you will see the delegate count to date.


1 plus twins said...

so sorry she is in so much pain. the surgery will be here before you know it and hopefully it will put and to all the pain and problems. i will be praying for her and for your safe trip.

the weather today is also warming up. this is the winter temp i like!! i would love this year round. i sure hope it stays this way!

Unknown said...

Your Mom is in my thoughts and prayers, p m! The 18th is coming up soon.