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Monday, February 18, 2008

I'm Home

Spent a few days in soggy East Texas. Mom's surgery went well, I got miles of walking in trying to find my way around Baylor Medical, all in all I'd prefer chasing a little white ball. After she was released we had dinner at Joe's Crabshack where I could enjoy their Coconut Shrimp. I texted Grinnygranny and Auntypesty and they fussed a little about not being able to join us. Penni and family came over Saturday and she's looking good.
I hate the narrow seating on Southwest's flights. The only good part is the flight is only an hour and a half long of feeling like a sardine. I was not happy with Alamo Car rental and the way they tacked on extra charges when you dropped the car off. The only time I've rented a car so I really don't know how the game is played.
When we got home the Daytona 500 was taping on the DVR so we could watch the whole race. I slept through the first 300 miles, but it doesn't seem anything happens anymore in Nascar until the last 50 miles of bumper cars.
Grinnygranny and Auntypesty had to drool over the Mustang on the new Nightrider series. Good thing Grinnygranny has one or we would be out buying one today. Golly Gee the badguys are from a mercenary group called Blackriver, sound like another mercenary group in the news lately?

Cattle Call

We sit in seats for hours then stand in line like cattle
Waiting for the flight to arrive and begin the usual prattle
Of boarding the jetliner or plane
It's all the same regardless of the carriers name.

We fight for an aisle or window hoping to avoit the middle seat
And turn the nob for air because of the excessive body heat
Hoping and praying for a sleeping or silent neighbor
Instead we get a great big crashing talkative boor

The attendants do their usual routine above the baby's screams
The noise and hustle to get in the air preclude any sweet dreams
The person on the aisle has to use his laptop with elbows wide
The sap in the middle seat gets thoroughly beat in the side

Window seat needs to go potty when off goes the seat belt sign
The other two unfold and clear a path cursing the seating design
They have to resume their seats -- no standing in the aisle
Then wait to let the potty person return with the nervous smile

People try to doze or read or see the clouds and land down below
The sensation is of being really still while the land is moving quite slow
Some look at the wings holding them aloft and watch their twists and turns
Then focus on the engines whose fast moving coils the propellant fuel burns

Then comes the seat belt sign again and the announcement of the descent
A woman sprays her front polluting the whole cabin with her scent
The craft dips down in front and pressure hits your ears and face
Maybe turulence upsets the smooth and gentle pristine flight's grace

The runway looms ahead and with jolt and thud the wheels touch the ground
You feel the engines reverse and slow the missle down, then it turns around
At last the flight is done now just to get out while still safe and sound
Finally all have left the hollow tube which is getting ready for another round.

P.M. Prescott 02/18/08


Unknown said...

p m: Very Good News about your Mom. Mom's are special! Hope she continues to heal!!

1 plus twins said...

so glad the surgery went well!! my boys loved the knight rider show last night and loved the car too.