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Monday, January 13, 2020

All my books

Optimus: Praetorian Guard, Optimus is a hard living, hard drinking legionnaire. He's assigned to guard a man named Paul, who converts him to belief in Jesus. He  then attempts to place a Christian on the Eagle throne of Rome.

Human Sacrifices
: A woman trying to recover from an abusive husband. Trying to be a good Christian while being abused by her church. Trying to be a good teacher while frustrated by the administration, parents and tuned out students. She finds a good man to marry and tries to live as happy a life as possible.

Vander's Magic Carpet
: A physics professor is falsely accused of selling drugs and spends two years in prison. His wife is murdered and his daughter commits suicide while he is away. 
Vander's develops a way to place superconductor plates under anything and it will fly. He develops the first flying car and uses his invention to make the system pay for his wrongs.

Fan Plan Trilogy
Meteor Strike:  In 1965 a meteor strikes a super volcano: Yellowstone. At Trans World Oil their computer analyses the data from the earth quake and determines in 50 to 100 years the volcano will  explode creating a volcanic winter. The company decides to try and save not only members of their family, but to salvage civilization so the world is not turned back into the stone age. Their motto: When it hits the fan, you need a plan. One part of the plan is to create a Scientific Secret Police. After the eruption and they are trying to save civilization the SSP is to stamp out all superstition and anyone claiming they speak for God.
Preparation: The second generation Drakes and O'Neil's continue setting up the principle on the Fan Plan Account needed to fund their efforts. Through the 1970's and 80's they start collecting literature, technical manuals, artwork and other cultural artifacts from across the world. A private island owned by TWO is named World's End and this is where they plan to stockpile everything needed to save humanity.
Countdown: The 1990's and the beginning of the twenty first century bring the third generation to the forefront. One of the family in college is abducted, raped and left for dead. This brings TWO into the spotlight during a public trial of the drug gang facing the death penalty.
The secret of the Fan Plan becomes public. It is met with skepticism and laughter. Volcanologists refute the computer's prediction and TWO is subject to investigation for defrauding it's stockholders. Doubt begins to creep into the family until an unlikely member of the family proves them right and that Yellowstone will explode within the time frame.

Fletcher Family Battles:
Crécy: John Milton is becomes a knight and is a vassal of a powerful lord. England is peaceful and all the worry he has is in finding a wife. Once married and he thinks the future is bright, King Edward musters all the knights for an invasion of France. He fights in the invasion, capture of a castle and the battle of Crécy.

Poitier: Milton Fletcher is the son of John who fought at Crécy. He raises Destrier's for his liege lord, Sir Arthur. The Black Prince musters up knights and Milton follows his lord to battle.

Flodden: King Henry (the eighth of that name) sends an army to help his father-in-law Ferdinand of Spain. John Milton joins up to fight. He's a great-great grandson of Milton Fletcher who fought at Poitier. Known as Wolsey's war it's a disaster and all left alive are sent back to England in disgrace.
Milton Fletcher, another descendent of John and Milton is a priest attending Bishop Wolsey, the almoner to the king.
When Henry decides to invade France he is one of the many minions of Wolsey to make sure this time the war is a success.
Gregor Fletcher is from clan Fletcher is Scotland. King James is enticed to invade England by the King of France and he calls up all the clans. Clan Fletcher obeys.
John upon returning to England finds work hard to find and is nearly reduced to begging when Queen Catherine calls for a muster of troops to defend England from the Scots. He happily enlists and marches to battle at Flodden. 

Apple of SuccessA teacher in a small town moves to the big city leaving behind students for an executive position in the banking world. Will her small town values and faith survive?

Cloisonné Heart: A man's slow descent into divorce.


Berthold Gambrel said...

Glad you posted this--it reminded me I need to read the Fan Plan trilogy. I just bought it, but might be a little while before I review--have a huge TBR stack to go through.

BTW, I've been reading a book I think you'd like--"The First Protectors" by Victor Godinez. Military sci-fi about a Navy SEAL who becomes a super-soldier to fight an alien invasion. I hope to have a full review up on the blog in a couple weeks.

P M Prescott said...

Super thanks, Berthold, always appreciate a sale. The First Protector sounds interesting. I've read so many spy thrillers lately that always have an ex-seal, Ranger or Green Beret they're starting to be a trope. Having one fighting aliens is new.