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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

2019 post mortem

This year is dying down and the new one waits in the wings. Time to assess.
Mom has improved health wise. 2018 saw her in the hospital twice and I was worried. This year she's back on her feet, going to church regularly and worries about everything under the sun. Back to normal.

Grandkids come by every so often, but are still missed.

Son treading water in his part time job. 

Daughter lost her job, but she's taken over the role of transporting Mom to her hair stylist and doctors. Freeing up my time.

Wife is enjoying retirement and making me get out of the house and to the library to get some writing done.

Finished Stephanus. In it's proofing stages and will be out sometime next month. 

Found a church with like minded members. I don't have to bite my tongue and be quiet in Sunday school anymore. Going to teach the book of Hebrews next month.

Went to a track reunion at Wayland and made contact with guys I haven't seen or spoken to in decades. We've become fb friends and from their fb friends I've added more contact from former classmates.

I've revived Writers2writers after ten years. It' small right now not more than a coffee clutch, but I'm not isolated in town from other writers like I was before this year.

Blogging over this year:

Berthold Gambrel introduced me to Lydia Schoch and Audrey Driscoll, by writing reviews of their works. Many other writers as well but Lydia and Audrey have become good blogger friends.

Lydia introduced me to the Wednesday Challenge and Top Ten Tuesdays. This has opened up a whole new world of blogging.

From WC and TTT I've read numerous books I've never heard of and even  enjoyed them. My TBR list keep growing by leaps and bounds. It's breaking me out of my rut of spy thrillers, mysteries, harem books and filled a void while waiting for Tony Roberts, Joseph Badal, J.B. Turner and others to publish new books.

I'm still blogging here, but I've also moved over to a Word Press blog.  Taking a bit to get in the swing of things there, but reaching out to even more writers and readers.


ahmed said...
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Lydia said...

What a cool wrap-up of your year. I appreciate your friendship, too!

Is it better for me to leave comments on this blog or your new one? Or does it not matter?

P M Prescott said...

I'm preferring this one, Lydia. Not too sure yet about WP.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

We are in a rut churchwise. I got tired of holding my tongue when people blurt out the their misunderstanding of evolution, and climate change, and especially when one guy leading a class started talking about how Rosa Parks did what she did because she had a big ego.

Most of my former classmates are now bitter old tea partiers so I am very leery of reacquainting myself with others. But am delighted when thing work out.

I love learning about new writers cuz otherwise I get in the same rut.

P M Prescott said...

It is nice to speak my mind in class. You're right about them being bitter. Thanks for coming by, Yogi.