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Friday, December 13, 2019

Joined an ARC

I've joined and ARC with Captivating History. I've written a review on Captivating Real Life Stories from the Industrial Revolution to the Present by Ross Tanner and The Norman Conquest.
If I was writing an arc, I'd recommend a shorter title for the first one.
Real life stories is about nine women from the 18th century to the 20th that contributed more to society than being a wife and mother.
They are: 
Mary Wollstonecraft, the mother of Mary Shelly, who was a proto feminist.
Ada Lovelace: the daughter of Lord Byron, but was a brilliant mathematician and wrote the first recognizable computer program.
Harriet Tubman: there's a movie about her now.
Margaret Knight: Invented the machine to make paper bags, still in use.
Nancy Wake: A leader of the resistance in France during WWII.
Patricia, Minerva and Maria Theresa Mirabal: They led protests against the dictator in Santa Domingo. Murdered in 1960.  

The Norman Conquest: Is a complete telling of what led up to the Battle of Hastings and it's aftermath. It's told from the Scandinavian side, Anglo-Saxon and Norman. Who was involved, how were they all related, and how it came about. It gives a brief description of the battle itself, but doesn't go into blow by blow. 
It's the conquest of the island that get overlooked. The years it took to pacify the island and then the publication of the Domesday Book. Something unique in the middle ages, a complete listing of an entire country of the economy from the lowest peasant to the wealthiest noble.

These books are written in a very easy to read narrative that reminds me of Josephus. My only concern is that when I went on Amazon and saw how many of these books are out there, most of them available on unlimited, but not all, I wonder how many more Captivating History has to write.

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