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Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Winter movies

I'm posting this in two places. Trying to decide to keep this blog or switch over to Wordpress. When posting comments on other blogs one works on some sites and this one on others. It's crazy.

Top Ten Tuesday: Winter Movies

  • This week the meme is books with winter, but I couldn’t think of any book I’ve read that fit that category, but plenty of movies, so I chose movies:
  • Kenneth Branagh’s Hamlet. The setting is 19th century and everything is gray skies and white snowy ground. Branagh includes American actors in his Shakespeare movies, I think it’s to embarrass them against the English who know how to pronounce the words correctly.
  • Dr. Zhivago. We went to see the movie at a drive-in in August. Half way through my father rolled up the windows and turned on the heater.
  • A Christmas Story. I’ve lived most of my life in Albuquerque, but for the first ten years I lived in Pueblo, Co. I remember getting covered up in a parka, heavy gloves, galoshes and tromping across a vacant field to the elementary school with the snow up to my waist, until we wore a path, and the temperature below zero. The movie brought back those memories, but it also makes me appreciate the mild winter conditions of my city.
  • Home Alone and all the other ones. Good for laughs.
  • Harry Potter movies. They all have winter scenes. Listened to the books on audio tape while taking long drives to visit family.
  • The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. A place where it’s always winter, hey I’ve read this one.
  • A Christmas Carol. Never read the book, have seen untold number of versions of the work some set in the proper time and others modernized. It’s lost it’s punch for familiarity.

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