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Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Wow after sixteen schools closed in our state, delaying all district and state competitions, now the CDC says, "Oops!"
NM got it easy compared to Texas, that really went over the deep end.

Then I read this tidbit, can't remember where right now: It does no good to close schools if the students still come into contact with each other either at day care or the mall.

Mexico had a problem and took sensible measures to solve it. That didn't mean the US had the same problem or needed the radical steps that were imposed. This over reaction is going to do more harm in the long run than any good that might have been gained.
Most reports I've read say the real problem with this flu will come in the fall, and by that time there should be a vaccine.
That said, I give my sincerest condolences for the loss of a Texas teacher who died from this flu and don't wish in anyway to diminish the loss her family feels at this time.

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Unknown said...

P M: I can see your point and of course, I don't think you diminished the tragic death of the teacher in Texas. That was indeed, sad. I also send out my condolences to her family.