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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Springing into action

The weather has been so nice the last couple of weeks it's  hard to want rain or more snow. That's what we need, but the forecast for the next few days is cooler weather with strong winds. That makes for high fire danger in the mountains and grass lands.
I bought a couple of rose bushes a while back, they've been sitting in the vestibule waiting to be planted. I planted them in the back yard yesterday. They were already leafing out. I'm just going to have to keep an eye on the nightly temperatures to keep them covered if it gets down to freezing. Yesterday morning it was 51 degrees when we got up, which is what made up my mind that it was time to plant them.
The local community college library discarded a bunch of books and the school librarian grabbed a box full. She had a student bring me the box. She's so nice. It does pay to get on the good side of some people in a school. 
My students have Chinese banners on the wall of the library as well as Viking ships they made from many different materials and runestones (on brown butcher paper). She appreciates having things to display so she gave me the books. Most of them were law books, (4 volume set Judicial Encyclopedia of Crime and Justice)  which really helps my law class. There was a 100 years of National Geographic book with great pictures, three volumes the Complete Atlas of World History, Penguin Atlas of Recent History, numerous books on Socrates (Law classes use the Socratic Method), and social and legal issues.  A gold mine.
I've made transparencies of the maps of Europe from 1848 - 1914 to have some visual aides as I'm starting to cover the unification of Germany and Italy. History teachers love maps.
Two more weeks till Spring Break!


Unknown said...

P M: A Nice Find! I have a brother who has a Masters in Education and as a tot I picked up one of his books and tried to read it. When he asked me what I was reading I answered: "The Role of the Counselor"! He was horrified! :D)

P M Prescott said...