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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Friend's Loss

I received this e-mail from my spiritual twin, Anne Littlewolf today. She is in great pain right now from the loss of her pet Raven, a Wolf/Malamute cross.

Well, the news is sad, but thought I would let you know that Raven passed into the spirit world this afternoon. She was chasing deer and some vigilante shot her before she had a chance to respond to Deryl's whistle. He was trying to call her back, but she was what she was and I don't think she ever got the chance to hear the call. Right now it doesn't much matter. Our sweet friend has crossed over and we're very sad to lose her. She was a great teacher and companion who taught us joy, outright grinning joy of sunshine and streams, running just because you could, laughing at people, sharing with her family of horses, cats, dogs and anyone who'd rub her tummy. Gold fish crackers were her passion, and she never did get the cats to like her, try as she may -- I guess somethings are pretty near impossible. I am grateful for her life with us as is Deryl, but right now he's crushed beyond description because he lost a dear friend. Me too. But Raven graced us with her life and we lover her still, and are grateful to the Great Spirit Creator for the love in her heart.
Raven, a superb friend, companion and gift from the wild.


Unknown said...

The pain of losing a beloved pet cannot be exaggerated. Steve McQueen owned a dog that was part-Wolf and he was named "Junior". It is believed that a malicious person killed the dog. Steve took the loss very hard. My condolences to your friend. This was senseless violence. I have never liked guns and was raised that "If you live a good life, you don't need guns". But others will surely argue with me. Just my view. My prayers are with your friend, P M.

P M Prescott said...

Thank you for your kind words.