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Friday, March 27, 2009

Relaxing Break

Spring break is over and Monday it's back to the old grind, for another eight weeks.
The diet didn't work out. Grinnygranny and I gave up after two days.
I have spent a few days just taking it easy and destressing, haven't even looked at the novel.
Yesterday I got in a nice round of golf. The weather hasn't been too good for it. Hopefully this weekend it will warm up and not be as windy.

I did run across an interesting article at Ethics Daily. Michael Helms a pastor in Georgia says that some people spend too much time going to church thinking that is was a Christian should do, than actually living the Christian life. In his words:

Studying about missions is different from doing missions. Hearing a sermon about doing for “the least of these” is different from doing for the least of these. Talking about evangelism is different from doing evangelism. Many have become keepers of the aquarium instead of fishers of men.Dropping money in the offering plate to send people to Africa or the Middle East is different from interacting with and ministering to someone of another race or culture in your own community.

Great thoughts.


Unknown said...

My Pastor of 22 years would agree. He says the reason we have so many denominations is that many of the world's religionn started out with a basically good premise. But man injected his own interpretation. So religion is very different from Faith. I am a spiritual man of Faith. But not a religious man. I try to meet people where they live and respect them. Great post,
P M. Get in a few more rounds of golf and enjoy life!

P M Prescott said...

Had a nice round today, hope you're having a good Steve McQueen festival.