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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Good Day

Grinnygranny and I were loading up to spoil a nice walk with a little white ball when I heard something overhead. A hot air balloon was coming over the house (happens all the time). Mom was in the balloon. Someone in her Bible study class owns a balloon and took her and a few other people up today. They landed in the field behind the house. We went out and helped get the envelope off the bushes.
Had a nice round of golf, had a nice dinner at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants.
When we got home Mom came by to chat for awhile. 
When I finally got time to check my e-mail Anne Littlewolf sent me another painting she just finished (it's on the header) she calls it Ancient Power. Does kind of look menacing doesn't it?
Overall an enjoyable day of rest.
Mom and I are taking Auntypesty to see her doctor tomorrow so I'm taking the day off. There should even be enough time after the appointment to get in another round of golf. Need to get in as much golf while the weather is this good. Come March it starts getting really windy and more storms come through.
Juniper pollen season hit last week. Hat tip to Michael Prescott who had a blog post a few weeks ago extolling the virtues of Nasalcrom. I started using the stuff Friday when the Zyrtec D I've been using wasn't doing anything to stem the tide. Nasalcrom says it takes one to two weeks to be effective, but it really helped today, which really did make this a good day overall.


Unknown said...

Having crash landed in a hot air balloon during a radio station promotion "live" on the air, I still say she knows how to make "A Grand Entrance". Hope she had fun, P M and that you can unwind with some golf. It is a fine game!!:)

P M Prescott said...

One of these days I'm heading to Phoenix and Tucson and maybe we can play a round.