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Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Thoughts

Grades are entered, room is ready to turn off the lights and being forgotten for two weeks. Still four hours before I can leave. We are having a faculty luncheon to say goodbye to all those who've found greener pastures for next semester. Grinnygranny justed texted me (I want to sh**t the idiot that came up with this idea) that she's getting off at 2:00pm. We might head out to do some shopping before it gets dark.

So now I'm just sitting here listening to Jim Brickman's Christmas CD and thinking about how different this Christmas is compared to others.

  1. First Christmas without Dad, this is going to be tough. He really loved dressing up in his Santa suit, passing out presents to the grandkids.
  2. First Christmas where we are all alone in Albuquerque. After Penni and her family moved, and then Mom and Dad, we still had Grinnygranny's Mom. Now she's in Nebraska and there's no other family here. For so many years we always had to figure out and take turns at whose house we'd have Christmas, then we'd all get together sometimes twelve or more for that special meal, drinking punch, egg nogg, hot Dr, Pepper, watching all the kids play with their new toys, listening to music, the men talking politics trying to solve all the problems of the world, the women talking women stuff, taking pictures. Then going to Walgreens on the way home (the only store open on Christmas) so the kids could spend some of the money their grandparents had given them. As much as it's nice not to be traveling it seems rather lonely with just the four of us.
  3. First Christmas without seeing our grandchild. We'll have him for the summer, and E is going down to spend time with him between Christmas and New Years, but we will miss his infectious, mischevious smile.

Wouldn't you know, a student just showed up to take a final. Guess it's a good thing for the student the skies clouded up and it's too cold and windy to golf.


david mcmahon said...

Come and live here in Australia. It's NEVER too windy or cloudy for gold.

Hope the changes at Christmas do not affect your enjoyment of the season.

Keep smiling


1 plus twins said...

hey your not too far from us if you would like to spend christmas with us your more than welcome. we are lonely here too without family. i am fortunate though that my kids are still young and i can enjoy watching them open and the excitement they have. but being they are all boys there will be no barbies or dolls or make up for me to play with them. lol hope you have a very merry christmas.

P M Prescott said...

Thanks for the offer, but we're staying put this holiday.

Unknown said...

My condolences on your loss, as my 7th year on the 19th of this month was very tough on me too Sending you and your family my best! Merry Christmas p m !